Shared Ministry Team

Archdeacon Pete Spiers commissioned the 9 members of the Shared Ministry Team on Sunday 24th July 2016 at the 10.30am Eucharist Service.  Adrian Ball, Diocesan co-ordinator, and Marian Pope, diocesan trainer, were present too.  The team have been meeting monthly for over 12 months for training and will continue to meet on a regular monthly basis from September.

The members of the team are from back row – left to right, Shirley Fairclough, Julie Dray, Sam Rooney, Laura Gear, Keith Thornborough and Adrian Ball (co-ordinator).

Front row – left to right are Pete Spiers (Archdeacon) Helen Pennington, Joyce Batey, Claire Jones, Janet Roberts and Marian Pope (trainer).


The shred Ministry team will meet in September to begin implementing their ‘Agreed Statement’.

Q & A Sheet on Shared Ministry Team

  • Where does the idea of Shared Ministry Team come from?
  • Why does St Nicholas’ Church need a Shared Ministry Team?
  • What is a Shared Ministry Team?
  • Why should we be involved?
  • Who can be involved in the SMT?
  • What commitment is required to be on SMT?
  • What will the SMT do and achieve?
  • Have other parishes set up SMTs?
  • What have they achieved?
  • What is the nomination procedure?