Baptism and Services of Thanksgiving and Blessing


The expectation and arrival of a new baby is a very profound experience for parents, and is the point at which you may think ‘What is life about?‘ Here at St. Nicholas’ we offer parents the choice of two services –  a ‘Baptism‘ or a ‘Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing‘.

Come along to our Sunday service at 10.30am or to our monthly Toddler Church and speak to our Vicar, Janet Roberts, and pick up an information pack to assist you.  Janet can arrange a home visit and talk about which service may be best for you and arrange a suitable date.

Baptism is about making your child a member of the church based on your membership.  You, as parents, promise to bring your child up as a member of the church and you make that choice and commitment for them.  In the service you say that you, yourselves, believe in God and actually want to model your family on the teachings of Christ.

Thanksgiving and Blessing Service is about saying thank you to God for your child and seeking God’s blessing on their lives and asking for God’s help as you care for your child.

The following website from the Church of England may help you with planning this special service for your child:  www.churchofengland