Volunteering is at the heart of any church’s successful operation, and St. Nicholas’ is no exception.  The biblical picture of the church is a living body or a family where everyone has a part to play. Each individual person is important and we all have gifts that we can offer for the good of all. As you are probably aware, almost everything that happens at St. Nicholas’ is done by volunteers and all of what we do is financed by what we put on the collection plates each week. 

We have so many people who generously give their time, skills and energy to do a great variety of different tasks across the church and without whom the church community, as we know it, would not operate as smoothly as it does.

Our Church Volunteers:

PCC members, sub-committee members, church wardens and their deputies, sides persons, readers, prayer writers, flower arrangers, gardeners, fellowship teas, men’s working party, the church choir, and the St.Nicholas’ Singers (community choir), youth group leaders, magazine editor, website administrator/editor, FaceBook admin, and many administrative jobs carried out largely behind the scenes are all volunteers.  All volunteers are important and each contribute to make the church ‘TICK’; we couldn’t do without them!  So if you think you could help, we would love to hear from you. 

Our ‘Church Heritage Volunteers’ have recently been recruited and trained to welcome visitors to our church, show them around and to tell them about the heritage aspect of our church.  See ‘Visit Us’ for Heritage Tour details.

A volunteering ‘Sefton4Good’ grant of £639 from Sefton CVS has supported the training of our heritage volunteers. Thank you Sefton CVS.

If you are interested in local history and would like to become one of our Heritage Volunteers, then please complete the Application Form and read the following accompanying information:

Please print and return to Lynne Godfrey15 Tithebarn Rd, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 2RY

Our recent Heritage Lottery Fund grant has enabled us to carry out major repairs works and to develop the heritage side of the church’s activities and show off the beautiful architectural heritage features within this Grade II Listed building.