Support Us

The biblical picture of the church is a living body or a family where everyone has a part to play. Each individual person is important and we all have gifts that we can offer for the good of all. As you are probably aware, almost everything that happens at St. Nicholas’ is done by volunteers and all of what we do is financed by what we put on the collection plates each week.  If you wish to volunteer then please contact Janet, our Vicar and see our dedicated volunteering page.

There are numerous ways in which you can support St. Nicholas’ Church:

  • Donate by:
    • Setting up a regular monthly direct debit through the Parish Giving Scheme (gift aid if you are able to do so)
    • Giving cash at the Sunday collection
    • Give a special gift every year on your birthday or a special anniversary…… Read more
  • Volunteer your time to support the many activities we offer at church:
    • Being involved in the governance of the church on the Parochial Church Council (PCC) or a sub-committee
    • Being a sides person at our services to welcome people to church,
    • Being a heritage volunteer to guide people around the church, explain some architectural or commemorative features (are you a history enthusiast?)
    • Giving a hand at our social events in the cafe, etc
    • Taking on an administrative job
  • Sponsoring a forthcoming Event – e.g. an abseil, a walk
  • Selling your unwanted goods through E-Bay and donating some or all of the proceeds to the church
  • Leaving a Legacy in your will.

More details coming soon on how to set up regular or one-off donations on line.