The Gardens

We have been blessed with a large green space, visible to all who pass the church.  Here we are creating a place for peaceful reflection and for prayer.  It is easily accessed at any time and is well used by members of the church and the local community. 

For years it has been a blank canvass of grass and little else to look at.  Our corner position on Bridge Road and Mersey Road means that, like our building, it is exposed to strong winds and salty air, and soil is only a few inches deep.

Over the years our volunteer gardeners have worked hard to create a beautiful and sustainable garden that people can enjoy; a place where they can find peace and share a little of the Christian story in a way that speaks to both believers and those who have no particular faith. Our current volunteer gardeners, Pat and Ian, are always looking for new ideas and suitable plants to add. Donation of plants welcome.  

Some of the gardens are closely linked with the great festivals of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.  Others focus on the human need for food, water, work, and for remembering those who have died in infancy and in conflict.  In one, large garden, we have portrayed the family of St. Nicholas’ Church.  We hope to have a special garden for those in our youth groups next year.  The newest garden marks the two hundredth anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.  Its theme is Stop the Traffic and depicts the various ways in which children across the world are still traded, exploited and vulnerable.

We invite you to visit the garden, enjoy the quietness and add your prayers to the many which have already been said there.

The former ‘The Field of Memories’ set around the former willow tree on Mersey Rd side,  has now been moved to the south side of church.  Engraved tablets naming loved ones from St. Nicholas’ are laid out in a new garden.  

Following the 10.30 am service on 26th July, a Service of Dedication was held in the church garden, lead by Rev’d Keith Thornborough.  We welcomed the extended family of Doreen and Gerry Holden, who made a generous donation to purchase a bench in their parents’ memory. It is located opposite the ‘Field of Memories‘ in the church garden. Below is Lesley Utley’s Eulogy for Doreen and Gerry ‘I cant compete with Terry’s eulogy…..

Congratulations to Pat and Ian again for being awarded ‘Highly Commended‘ for second year running from the ‘Crosby & Waterloo in Bloom’ in 2019. Many thanks all their hard work.