Church Adult Choir

Our Adult Choir

P1020621There has been a choir at St Nicholas’ Church for generations. We are proud to serve the community by offering children and adults the opportunity to learn and enjoy their ministry through music.

We are currently recruiting members (age 8 and upwards) to our friendly group, offering a ‘trial-run’ with no audition, for anyone who is interested. Rehearsals take place on a Thursday evening.

Email Mike Foy:

Youth Choir rehearses from 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Adult Choir from 7.15pm – 8.30pm.

P1020615The choir is affiliated to the ‘Royal School of Church Music’ and as such employs the ‘Voice for Life’ training programme. Every level of ‘Voice for Life’ provides training in five core areas:

  • Module A: Using the voice well. This module aims to teach singers how to develop good vocal technique.
  • Module B: Musical skills and understanding. This module aims to develop knowledge of music theory and notation, and encourages singers to demonstrate this understanding through sight-singing andaural skills.
  • Module C: Repertoire. This module aims to develop a good understanding of the musical and historical context of the music performed by the choir or individual singer.
  • Module D: Belonging to the choir.This module aims to encourage singers to view their choir as a team. They are invited to reflect upon and develop their contribution and commitment to the team.
  • Module E: Choir in context. This module encourages singers to explore the wider context of their choir’s existence.

When proficiency is achieved in each module choristers are awarded medals in the following order: Light Blue – Dark Blue – Red

‘A church, or a school, without a choir is like a body without a soul. Singing lies at the heart  of worship and education. Voice for Life has a valuable part to play in giving life and soul to us all as we worship and learn.’
John Rutter, Composer & Conductor

‘Voice for Life is a wonderful resource to help underpin choral singing of all types and genres; with its modular approach, focusing on training, target setting, and repertoire ideas, the new programme is to be welcomed by anyone who cares about the future of singing.’
Malcolm Goldring, ‘’

‘When you enable a child to sing, you ensure him or her of a gift for life which can be used,
free of charge, until the last breath. It is a talent which cannot be left buried, especially in the face of the one who expects us to ‘sing a new song.

Revd John Bell, Iona Community

‘Singing reaches the parts (body, heart, mind and spirit) which few others can – why not
give it a try?’

Sir David Lumsden, former Principal, The Royal Academy of Music

‘All through my childhood I was never happier than when I was singing, and a series of
choirs and smaller singing groups were crucial to my musical development – and my social life! I wish this excellent initiative every success.’

Emma Kirkby, Singer

Michael Foy,  Musical Director

Michael Foy,
Musical Director


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