Mission and Outreach

As part of St. Nicholas’ Christian mission outreach and giving, our church regularly supports other national and overseas based charities. 

USPG  http://www.uspg.org.uk/Reg. Charity No: 234518.  Our collection boxes are available from our ‘link’ persons to the charity, Ann Papworth and Maureen Fairclough.

CMS – Church Mission Society www.cms-uk.org   Reg. Charity No: 1131655

Our new CMS Mission Partner is Stephen Hatch working in Tanzania.  He says ‘Imagine if your education had to stop after primary school. How different would your life be? In Tanzania, to proceed to government-provided secondary education, pupils must pass primary school exams. Many pupils fail these. About 80 per cent of children attend primary school but only 25 per cent make it to secondary school – a huge gulf in learning. Such children, most of whom are academically capable, need a secondary education, and I am helping to provide this at St John’s Seminary, transforming the lives of one of the most vulnerable elements within Tanzanian society’.

Link Letters can be seen on the notice board at the back of church. Read more about Stephen

The Children’s Society – www.childrenssociety.org.ukReg. Charity No: 221124.  A UK based charity that assists street children, disabled children, young refugees, and children in trouble with the law.  St. Nicholas’ support includes our Annual Christingle Service on Christmas Eve, where Christingle Collection Boxes are distributed to the school children and within church, and occasional Cake Bakes and other fundraising events.

Christian Aid – www.christianaid.org.uk Reg. Charity No: 1105851. Christian Aid is an international development charity. They work with people, of all faiths and of none, in around 50 countries, to eradicate poverty.  An annual gift donation is made each year in May during ‘Christian Aid Week’.

Trussell Trust /Crosby Food Bank www.trusselltrust.org Reg. Charity No: 1110522. P1020607The Trussell Trust is a charity founded on Christian principles.  They work with people of all faiths and of none, but are inspired to do what they do by their Christian faith. St. Nicholas’ has a collection point at the back of church and food is passed on to the local Crosby food bank. For the past 2 years our Harvest food donations has been given to the Crosby Food Bank for distribution. Our have a dedicated ‘link’ person is Margaret Bird.  

Capernwray Hall, Lancashire www.capernwray.org.uk  – Reg. Charity No. 1073139.   In 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.  St. Nicholas’ has hosted international students studying at the Bible College.  They spend an initial weekend with the church and a further 10 days, staying with members of the church family, who provide bed and breakfast and meals.  The students participate in services at both St. Nicholas’ and St. Michael’s’ churches sharing their testimonies and leading in some servicesIMG_20150306_212417706_HDR and activities.  This year the students held an International Evening at the end of their week’s stay in March at St. Michael’s Church. IMG_20150306_213034200  Students came from USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and England joined St. Nicholas’ for 10 days in March.  See link to our ‘Mission and Outreach’ page HERE more information on Capernwray College.

The David School Trust, Freetown, Sierra Leone http://www.thedavidschool.co.uk Reg. Charity No. 1129314. 

The charity provides a school for the local community near Freetown, Sierra Leone.  The country was devastated by the civil war between 1992 and 2002 when it was estimated that 50,000 people were killed, seriously maimed and injured. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced from their homes in the countryside to relative safety in the capital city of Freetown.  Freetown is now massively overcrowded with many people existing in squalid conditions. During the Civil War, many communities were razed to the ground by the warring factions resulting in the complete absence of education in many areas, including at Mile 36. The availability of the David School will transform the community as a whole, providing both academic learning and practical skills training. The school is now also open in the evenings in order to enable the adult population to benefit as well as the children.

Our church link is Cynthia Carter who has visited many times and helps to organise much needed equipment, clothing and household items to be transported.  She and many other helped in the building of the school, and have been to visit since the Ebola crisis.

Our Garden Party in May 2016 raised nearly £300 for the School. See David School thank you Letter  from David Wallwork, Trustee.

‘The David School Messenger’ magazines for latest news from Sierra Leone