Men’s Working Party

Originally group started as a ‘Men’s Working Party’, anyone is welcome to join if you have some practical skills. Their aim is to make a difference to the way in which our church and grounds to become a welcoming place for members and visitors and to show we care not only about the spiritual welfare of the church, but its fabric too.
The group of volunteers tackle maintenance jobs around the church premises. Apart from the satisfaction of building a friendship and helping with the upkeep of the church, the other benefit is enjoying a bacon or sausage butty, (or two) around mid- morning.

The Group meets monthly on Saturday mornings in the church hall between 9.00 am and noon.

2020 Working Party as  follows on Saturdays: 25th January, 29th February, 28th March, 25th April, 23rd May, 20th June, 18th July, 15th August, 12th September, 10th October, 14th November, 12th December Contacts:  Stephen Green – 0151 476 9885 or Steve Bailey – 0151 924 4416