Welcome from our Team

The ClergyRev’d Canon Janet Roberts. 

A warm welcome awaits you at St Nicholas’ Church, Blundellsands!  Whether you are a lifelong Christian or a new believer, whether you want to find out what Christianity is about or are simply looking for a place of sanctuary where you can refresh your spirit, we look forward to welcoming you.

Thank you for your interest in our church and its people.  St. Nicholas’ has a great variety of services and activities to meet the needs of all age groups; all seeking to connect with God’s world in their thinking and care’.

Janet has been Priest in Charge of St. Nicholas. in January 2013.  Since 1975 she has worked in Kenya, Dagenham and three other parishes in the Liverpool Diocese – so has had lots of experience in different churches.

Janet likes to travel around the world and explore the countryside with her Labrador dog. She feels that Blundellsands is a great place to live and work with a mixed community and congregation.  To her, the Church is much more than an historic building, it is a place to build a community where people can belong, learn to believe in a living God and become disciples of Christ who make a difference in the world.   Tel: 0151 924 3551; or email  rovingrector@btinternet.com   


The Rev’d Ravi Sangra, Curate, was ordained as priest at the beginning of June 2017 at Liverpool Cathedral, having been appointed as curate to the parish in July 2016.  The occasion was supported by his family and friends together with the St. Nicholas’ Church family.   He and his family have settled into the local community and we look forward to his continued input and experience into the parish in the coming years.

For 15 years Ravi worked in youth development in various parts of the country, but  a few years ago felt a calling for ordination and has spent the last few years studying in Durham before moving to Blundellsands, Liverpool.   Tel: 07958 783684 or Email: ravisangra@hotmail.com

The Rev’d Keith Thornborough: On Sunday 24th June 2018, Keith was ordained as deacon in the Cathedral.  An amazing journey with our awesome God….  I’m there! ….

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Keith with Bishop Paul Bayes at his ordination on Sunday 24th June 2018

As I write I am in my final week before ordination as Deacon next Sunday. It has been a really amazing journey, hard, difficult and much pressured at times. Assignments to do, placements to complete, residential experiences, reading and more reading! However, throughout I have known the love and care of our Lord Jesus Christ, every step of the way, travelling with me, and sometimes definitely carrying me!

Journeys always take us along a route to somewhere, it may be back home again eventually, and that is really good too. There is no place like home, so the saying goes, and I do believe that. But if we never go anywhere, we will not see or experience new things nor learn or grow.

It feels like we are in a season of change where some journeys are coming to an end as the children and young people in school will move on; to new classes, new schools, sixth forms, colleges, apprenticeships, or employment. Some will be starting school for the first time in September.  Let us hold all our young people in our Church, our Schools and our community in our prayers.

I have had the honour and privilege of conducting my first funeral service this week for my Godmother.  This was such a difficult experience for me, because (and those who know me will not be surprised at this!) I am so sensitive, even soppy!  And I did not want to let her or everyone else and God down.  This was a moment I was carried; absolutely.  I had prayed lots and others very kindly prayed too.  My Godmother’s earthly journey is over; her journey to eternal life is complete.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and encouragement.  These three words are really important. They are markers of followers of Jesus, Disciples of Christ.  In a recent sermon I referred to our Church and School strap line, Belonging, Believing, Becoming.   These too speak of a journey, of going forwards and growing in our love and commitment to Jesus Christ…. Belonging to Jesus, Believing in Jesus and always trying to live and be like Jesus in our lives every day.   As a congregation, if we truly are disciples, then we must pray for, support and encourage all those who come, who have made that first step on their faith journey as they step through the door. It doesn’t matter where we are on our own journey, with God, we can all travel together and share an amazing journey with our awesome God… if we never go anywhere, we will not see or experience new things nor learn or grow.

A journey for a holiday will be happening for some of us over the summer. May God go with us all and bring us safe home, relaxed, refreshed and raring to go on the next steps on our journey in faith together….. God Bless us all, Keith