Welcome from our Team

The Rev’d Bill Matthews, will be assisting with our worship during the Interregnum

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The Rev’d Keith Thornborough: Part time Assistant Curate, Self-Supporting Ministry

Keith was ordained priest on 8th June 2019. He will remain at St. Nicholas’ after his Curacy as an Associate Priest.

He is a Diabetes Nurse Practitioner at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for his paid employment.  Keith says he has been called to two vocations, Nursing and Ordained Ministry and it is a privilege to serve in both settings.  His nursing registration badge has a Latin inscription which translates; to serve, to care, to educate, and that is what he aims to do in both his Nursing and his Ministry.

‘I am very much called to prayer ministry, with and for people. God is always just a prayer away, and I do thank Him for many, many prayers answered’.

I love to get alongside people on their journey in faith, with Jesus Christ, growing in love and commitment to Him…. Belonging to Jesus, Believing in Jesus and Becoming like Jesus in how we live our lives and by what we do every day’.

I am really excited about my priesting this year and the opportunities this will open up for me in being able to share a complete sacramental ministry with our congregation and Parish’May God Bless us all!’  Keith