The Social History of St. Nicholas’ Church

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The Social History of St. Nicholas’ Church: The Early Years – 1848-1914

Compiled from archive material from the church, including extracts from the memoirs of Mr W.E. Tyson, a former Churchwarden, and a history of St Nicholas’ created by members of the congregation to celebrate the church’s centenary in 1974.

The congregation of St Nicholas’ 2018 owe a considerable debt of gratitude to our predecessors, who not only kept the church archive meticulously, but took such pains to document the early years of the church and indeed, to bring them so vividly to life. Read on…..

The Social History of St Nicholas’ Church: One Parish, Two Stories

The history of the later years of the Parish of St Nicholas’, covering the period from the 1850s to the first decade of the twentieth century, clearly shows its development from two very different roots: the settled, largely working class population of Little Brighton, later Brighton le Sands, to the south, for whom St Barnabas’ School in what is now Warrenhouse Road was also their place of worship, and the more recent influx of the wealthy merchant and professional classes for whom the new suburb of Blundellsands began to be developed during the 1860s and for whom the Iron Church and then the current church were erected in the early 1870s.  Read on…..