WW1 Memorial Windows, Brass Wall Plaque and Commemorative Exhibitions

Our Stained Glass WW1 Memorial Windows and Brass Wall Plaque are a constant and poignant reminder to us all of Crosby men who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918.

At the end of the WW1, money was raised by ‘Relatives and Friends’ of the men who had lived within St. Nicholas’ Parish who had died to erect a memorial within the church.  Three stained glass memorial windows were erected and unveiled in 1921. They are dedicated to the memory of 54 Churchmen and Nonconformists of the parish, known at that time, who fell in the Great War, between 1914-1918.

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In particular, the Rose Window at the top of the west wall contains 18 of the Regimental Coats of Arms, to which the fallen men belonged.


The left window represents ‘War’ and bears in the topmost panel of the tracery the Lamb with the Banner of the Resurrection; beneath are five cherubs bearing the emblems of the Passion – from left to right, the Scourge, the Ladder, the Nails, the Crown of Thorns, and the Spear and Sponge. Beneath the tracery in the main lights are cherubs bearing the Arms of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, and Belgium. Below there come the main figures – Joshua, the conqueror of Palestine, with the picture of the incident in the battle of Bethoron where he bids the Sun stand still; the Archangel Michael, with the picture of his triumph over the dragon – “there was war in heaven” – and King David, with the picture of the slaying of Goliath.

P1020731_002The right window represents ‘Peace’ with the topmost panel in the tracery bears the Emblem of the Holy Spirit – The Dove of Peace – and underneath it in the tracery seven cherubs bearing scrolls – inscribed with the Fruits of the Spirit – “Love – Joy – Peace – Long-suffering – Gentleness – Goodness – Faith.” The main figures represent St. Paul, the conquering missionary to the Gentiles, with his conversion on the road to Damascus; the Archangel Gabriel with his message to the Shepherds, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men,” – and Solomon, the King of Peace, building the Temple.


The Brass Wall Plaque was erected below the memorial windows in 1923 and lists the names of those who died between 1914 – 1918 and lived within St. Nicholas’ Parish. The names can be downloaded HERE.





Our Commemorative Exhibition ‘WE WILL REMEMBER THEM‘ held in November 2014 – 100 years since WW1 can be seen below.

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